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What ist the Beltquerung?

The Beltquerung ist an Marathon Swimmming Event between Danmark and Deutschland.

Who can swim the Beltquerung?

Everybody who is very good in swimming and has enough power.

What is the Open Beltquerung?

Everybody can announce himself vor the Open Beltquerung. The swimmer can choose between the disciplines Solo-Beltquerung or Relay-Beltquerung. The event is not gratis.

What is the Event “International Marathon Swimming Beltquerung”?

Normally everybody can announce himself for the event “Internationales Marathonschwimmen Beltquerung”. The organizer demands high performance and invites finally the swimmer, when he has enough evidence of performance of the swimmer. For the Sprint-Beltquerung can everybody announce himself without rules.

Which performance is demanded for the event “International Marathon Swimming Beltquerung”?

The swimmer must be able to swim with bad weather and current. Although he must finish at the finish line at Beach of Gammendorf auf Fehmarn/Deutschland becaus of the waiting espectators and press. The current can be very strong.

How much do I need to swim the Beltquerung?

Calculate your average velocity. Take a comparable course and your finish time. Calculate with this course your average velocity. Then you take the minimum distance of 25 km and the maximum distance of 30 km and calculate your average velocity with a reserve of one hour (because of current, waves etc.). Now you have good time, which depends only on the weather. Good weather makes you normally faster and bad weather slower.


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