Beltquerung 2003BeltquerungJOGPROMOTION

Result of the 6th International Marathon Swimming Beltquerung

15. - 16.08.2003


The Beltquerung 2003 was influenced by the clima conditions. The Solo-Beltquerung of german Kirsten Seidel has to be cancelled and postponed to the 17.008.2003, so two days later.

Anni Jakobsen und Nick FiltenborgAs planed starts the NationenCup with the first danish team of the history of the Beltquerung the 16.08.2003. The attempt was cancelled by Nick Filtenborg. His team partner Anni Jakobsen can not help him. The conditions are right. We hope, that the danish relay will come back.

Kirsten SeidelThe 17.08.2003, two days later than planned, starts Kirsten Seidel at 06:26 hrs in Rødby/Danmark. She is the first german female Solo-Swimmer of the history of the Beltquerung. After 9 hours and 03 minutes she arrives the finishbeach in Gammmendorf under frenetic applause of the waiting spectators. She tops the womenrecord of the argentine  María Inés Mato, who is disabled, for more tan two hours!


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