Beltquerung 2001BeltquerungJOGPROMOTION

15.08.2001 Nationen Cup

International Competition-Relays

Claudio Plit and Till Richter at the starting point

The 15.08.2001 start two international relays through the Fehmarnbelt. The relays swim from Rødby in Danmark to the island of Fehmarn in Deutschland. Both teams consist of two swimmers. In the ordered change of one hour swim the athlets to Fehmarn, where they are received on the finish by the spectators.

The german relay: Sarah Winkelbauer and Till Richter

FEHMARN: 15.08.2001 In a perfect time of 4:33 hours finish the german relay with Till Richter and Sarah Winkelbauer the race of 25 kilometers through the Fehmarnbelt between Rødby/Danmark and the island of Fehmarn/Deutschland. The argentine relay with the four-time worldchampion Claudio Plit and Ariel Navarro need 5:59 hours.

At 08:08 hrs was the start in Rødby with sunshine and warm temperatur.

The argentine relay: Claudio Plit and Ariel Navarro.

The argentine relay just decided to come next year back.


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