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UNESCOOn 28 July 1998 in the International Year of the Ocean 1998 of the UNESCO, the Argentine María Inés Mato to tried to swim through the Fehmarnbelt. Her target was to demonstrate the closeknit relationship between humans and nature. The marathon swimsport is for this the best example, because the swimmer definitely depends on the nature.At 02:00 am she started her swim from Rødby/Denmark toward Fehmarn.

Inés im Boot
*María Inés Mato on the leadingboat briefly before the start

Her distance leaded around the island Fehmarn and amounted to 36 kilometers total. However after 20 kilometers she had to give up this project due to the bad weather conditions, as there were 2.5 meters height waves and wind velocities of 5-6 Beauforts. The leadingboat was not able to hold the accurate direction of the swimmer, which is necessary for the orientation of the athlete.

Ines beim Schwimmen
*The Argentinean with the leadingboat

For demonstration reasons she nevertheless swam three kilometers at the southern beach of the island Fehmarn to give the thousands of spectators at the beach a picture of her exemplary performance. The DLRG (German Rescue) supported the Beltquerung, which ensured the security of the swimming. In addition all day a varied program of events took place at the beach.